Why Choose Pearl VPN?

With Pearl VPN, your internet connection will be military encrypted and tunneled through our secure and speedy servers. Unlike a web proxy, your web browser doesn’t have to know about the VPN process. Encrypting your web traffic before it leaves your computer is the only safe way to protect from hackers, governments and - well - anyone else.


Use the Internet anonymously and keep your location and browsing history hidden.

Keep your personal information and you location private and say goodbye to snoopers and invaders. Pearl VPN protects while at home, in hot spots and in public places.

Pearl VPN’s powerful encryption makes your online privacy immune to attacks.

Data sent and received is both encapsulated and encrypted, which means that while data travels between locations, it’s both shielded from sight and undecipherable – a double privacy barrier.

Setting up Pearl VPN is as simple as 1, 2, 3, with no difficult instructions to follow.

No technical skills or equipment are needed. Just sign up and follow the simple instructions to start accessing the Internet with the privacy and security you need.

Our connection speeds are so fast, you’ll think our servers are sitting in your living room.

No need to worry about lag time. Pearl VPN lets you work, surf and stream at top speed.

Ensuring our servers are accessible at any time is our priority.

Early birds and night owls alike can connect whenever they want. Pearl VPN is accessible 24/7. Whether you use Pearl VPN for work or play, you have the freedom to make your own hours.

Pearl VPN software works on all your devices- not just one.

Whether you’re on your phone or tablet, your laptop or desktop computer, Pearl VPN will keep your Internet activity private.

Surf the web fast & securely with Pearl VPN.

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